I have problem in giving the location for DIVA, when I click on Location bottom this" A local project material file already exists at .... do you want to overwrite it with the main DIVA material ....? " when I ay yes or no nothing special happen. and the I have this above command bar " To reset the materials to the main C:\DIVA\Daylight\material.rad file, run the Location command again."  
I tried to install the weather information for Quebec City and that happened. I installed and unzip the folder and copy it to the weatherdata folder in DIVA.
Thanks and have a good day

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Hello Hoda,

The base file which contains the description of available materials is at C:\DIVA\Daylight\materials.rad. Selecting a location starts the process of building a folder for the necessary simulation files and this is when the base file for material is copied to your simulation file. This is important if you have a series of custom materials associated with the simulation but are not present in the base file on the computer that you are using (if you have moved the project simulation files.) Otherwise it is fine to overwrite it- since it is the same file if you are using the same computer with the same material library. I hope that makes sense, it is a good question and feel free to post to the public forum.
Take care,

Hello Hoda,

Whenever you press the 'Location' button, a subfolder of the directory of your current Rhino file is created as .\RhinoFileName - DIVA\. In the Resources subfolder of this directory, a copy of the default C:\DIVA\Daylight\material.rad file is created. This is a separate materials file which is useful to experiment within your Rhino file / project. But it does not change the default materials.rad file. The messages you receive are relative to this, and normal. They ensure that you do not overwrite custom materials unintentionally.




Do you know how to fix that. I have the same problem. 

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