Hello all!

I'm running a dynamic shading simulation with manual shading controls for an east facing window. The illuminance schedule shows excess daylight in the morning that is triggering the shades to go down, but in the afternoon, when the daylight levels are lower and the shades should not be needed, the roller shades stay down.

-Shouldn't, in this case, the shades go up in the afternoon?

-Where do I find more information on the thresholds that trigger the blinds?

Files attached. Thank you!

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Hi Helena,

When window shades are in manual control mode (the default), the Lightswitch algorithm is used.  In this case, once occupants lower the blinds, they tend to leave them down all day.  If you want mechanical shades (or shades operated by a perhaps unrealistically active user), you can switch to the automated control option.  See the windows-and-shades example file for details: "C:\DIVA\ExampleFiles\Grasshopper\Daylight\02_AnnualDaylight_C_WindowsAndShades.gh"


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