Hi everyone!

I an trying to simulate in DIVA a real room existed at our university. I have RGB colour coordinates and reflectances (in cd/m2) of all the objects and constructions in those room. However I got confused when tryed to create my own materials. How to translate normal RGB (0 to 255) coordinates into those used in Radiance materials (0 to 1). I found Colour Picker at http://www.jaloxa.eu/resources/radiance/colour_picker.shtml But here one can just pick colour but not to transform real colour coordinates into Radiance applicable numbers. What method shell I use to get accurate values at the end? I am not a profi in Radiance and will appreciate answers and examples. Thank you!

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Hi Veronika,

If you have RGB data, you should be able to simply divide by 255 to re-scale your data from 0-1.

The thing to keep in mind as a limitation is that you are measuring reflected light from a material, not specifically the material properties. Therefore the color of the light reflected is also a function of the color properties of the light source(s). If you do not know how much light was incident on the surface when you measured its reflections, it will be hard to determine how 'bright' your colors should be. (Is a red wall 1 0 0 or 0.25 0 0, for example?)



Thank you so much Alstan, I got it now.

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