In addition to using DGP for glare analysis, I would also like to simply test the contrast ratio of brightest to darkest spot on the falsecolor glare visualizations to compare to the IESNA recommended contrast ratios (3:1 to 30:1). Using the Lmin and Lmax outputs from the Glare component, it seems that I am able to capture the maximum and minimum pixel values. So one very bright pixel (or one very dark pixel from a low quality simulation) can through off my contrast ratio calculation even it is very small in the image. In order to avoid random, bright pixels from throwing off this calculation, I was wondering if there was a way to spatially extract luminance values from the Glare visualization. For those who are familiar with Photosphere, I would like to have the option to click and drag a box around areas of the glare visualization to obtain the average luminance values. 

Is there an existing workflow to take the average of a group of pixels or gather the average luminance value from the top x% of the pixel luminance values?

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Hi Kit,

Not ignoring you.  Working on adding this to the Image Viewer:

Should be included in the next auto-update.  More details anon...

New version is up.

You can perform pixel value tagging on HDR (.pic) files or their jpeg / tiff / falsecolor offspring, as shown above -- provided the HDR parent still exists.

A double-click over the image produces a pixel tag.  Right-clicking exposes the component menu, which allows you to control tag size, save tagged images to file, and activate click-and-drag "region selection" (for getting mean values).

Let me know how it goes.




I was pretty excited to see this DIVA update waiting for me this morning! Looking forward to testing it out but in the meantime, it seems the update has resulted in some network licensing error. I currently get the message:

I re-entered the license server key in the prompt that I get after clicking "Location" on the DIVA Dashboard. This seems to be the only place where I can enter in a license for DIVA. Can you let me know if there is another location that needs the license key so that the grasshopper component can run?

Hi Kit,

The DIVA_LICENSESERVER variable seems to be missing, or its value is empty.  The update should not have caused this, though I grant you that the timing is suspicious.  You should be able to reset it from the control panel.  Someone in your IT group ought to know the right network address to use.  I'd recommend setting at the system level (which would require admin privileges), so other users can access it.


Hi Jon,

I was able to add an Environmental Variable for DIVA_LICENSESERVER that seems to have solved the issue. 

The new feature is great. I really enjoy the ability to save out the image to the GH Data folder. 

Thanks again, Jon! 

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