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I am simulating the cooling load of a shoebox room (6m*8m) with windows on three walls in DIVA-for-Rhino. The actual mechanical ventilation rate is 500CMH, equivalent to 0.15m3/s. To account for extra cooling load due to fresh air intake from mechanical ventilation, I defined the "Design Volume Flow Rate (m3/s) DVFR = 0.15 in DIVA/Thermal/Rhino/05_gains_conditioning.idf. But the computed cooling load remains invariant for DVFR = 0, 0.15 and 1. It seems that the mechanical ventilation is not turned on in DIVA. Could anyone enlighten me if I have input the Volume Flow Rate at the right place, and any other parameters that I need to define in order to see the effect of fresh air intake? 


                DIVA Floor Area Based Ventilation, !- Name

                DIVA Perimeter Zone, !- Zone Name

                Always On, !- Schedule Name

                Flow/Area, !- Design Volume Flow Rate calculation method

                0.152778  , !- Design Volume Flow Rate {m3/s}

                0.0003, !- Volume Flow Rate per area {m3/s/m2}

                , !- Volume Flow Rate per person {m3/s/person}

                , !- Air Changes Per Hour

                Intake, !- Ventilation Type

                600.0, !- Fan Pressure Rise{Pa}

                0.9, !- Fan Total Efficiency

                1, !- Constant Term Coefficient

                0, !- Temperature Term Coefficient

                0, !- Velocity Term Coefficient

                0, !- Velocity Squared Term Coefficient

                , !- Minimum Indoor Temperature {C}

                , !- Minimum Indoor Temperature Schedule Name

                , !- Maximum Indoor Temperature {C}

                , !- Maximum Indoor Temperature Schedule Name

                ; !- Delta temperature {C}

Thanks in advance!


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