Hi, i need help to set a metal mesh (solar protection for a big facade of glass). i don´t know how to create a new material like that, if maybe should i create a "glass" or another material to pretend to be that for the simulation. To be clear, i add an example how the building looks like:


Any recomendation will be welcome.

Thanks you.

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Hi Alstan,

I tried it with DIVA within Rhino itself and that solves the issue.

Thanks so much - this was a massive help!


P.S. - If you hear back from the GH guys, I would love to know if there is a fix for the GH interface.

Hey Alstan, 

This is a very useful thread, and it seems like it works in GH now. 

Is there any way to stagger the perforations? Or would that require a different .cal file?

Hey Alstan,

This is a very useful thread. Do you know if the mapping with work on non-planar surfaces? I have a project were we need to verify the efficacy of a perforated sun-screen on a office building, but the geometry is a little crazy (see attached). Would it be best to triangulate the surfaces?




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