I have two questions regarding the daylight analysis performance study:

1) Is there a possibility of adjusting the illuminance thresholds in UDI metric from 300lux to 100lux?

2) Are the Climate-Based metrics available on the website, in terms of theory?

There is the opportunity to find them in other online sources, but it would be preferable to be given by the DIVA.

Thank you in advance,


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Hello Poly,

(1) When you calculate UDI using DIVA 4, you should get 4 results files: <100, 100-300, 300-3000, and >3000. You just need to load in the proper result file as 300-3000 is the default metric. Right-click on the Metrics button and follow the instructions to do so.

(2) Actually, we don't have such a resource. Do you have any specific questions you would like to ask?



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