My DIVA Daylight Factor Grid Based Simulations were running perfectly fine until I added new geometry.

This resulted in a Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Input past end of file Line: 16 Char: 2.

The OBJ file is rather large at 1 gig and there is no results folder generated.

Let me know if you can help.

Thanks a lot!

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Hi Aloysius,

It is possible that the large amount of geometry is causing some kind of error. You can figure out exactly what it is by navigating to C:\DIVA\Temp\[RhinoFileName] and opening the [RhinoFileName].bat file in a text editor. After the last line, add the text "PAUSE". Next, close and save the batch (.bat) file. Finally, double-click on the file in order to run it. 

If you copy and paste the error you see here, we can try to help troubleshoot it.

All the best,


Hi Alstan,

There is in fact a large amount of geometry. 

There is no batch file in the temp folder.

Is there any other way for me to trouble shoot it?


Hi Aloysius,

I just went through and checked what could be the cause of that error on that specific line. It looks like your points file is not being written correctly. Could you take a screenshot of the files that are in your Temp directory? One possible problem is that Rhino doesn't have access to write files to the DIVA Temp directory, and you need to run it as an administrator.



Hi Alstan,

I managed to get it working yesterday and also posted the batch file, somehow it didnt get up on this thread.

Anyways, after I removed the levels above and below the test level (reducing the geometry), I was able to get the analysis to work.

However, as I will be testing further with more complex geometries, it would be great if you could point out some tips to circumvent it in the future.

I've attached a batch file of the successful analysis for your reference.



Hi Aloysius,

I have used DIVA with really complex files that have obj exports around 1 gigabyte or so in size; however, there are some tricks to make your files smaller and simulations faster, especially if the large filesize is causing a problem. Any geometry that is not going to be changed or that can be simplified can be 'pre-meshed' using the Rhino command Mesh (and then delete, hide, or lock the original NURBS surface.) 

If you run into the problem again, feel free to send me a Rhino file and we can discuss.


Hi Alstan,

Thanks for the tip on pre-meshing! Will definitely give it a try.

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