Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Type mismatch:'objStream.WriteLine'; Line 120; Char 2


I was using Diva just fine on Rhino 5 until this last pass at it, in which now I constantly get this message:

Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error

Error: Type mismatch: 'objStream.WriteLine'

Line: 120

Char: 2


I have set my location and my materials. I only changed a couple of things in the geometry but nothing major. Any suggestions?



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I did check all of those parameters, and I had been able to run a simulation with the same geometry (minus some trees, which I have now removed) and it had worked fine.




Thanks for your help. I ended up re assembling my geometry and am not getting this particular error anymore. I'm getting another one, which I will contact you about separately.


Thanks to both.

I have recently run into this problem.  I have reset my computer, deleted temp folders, renamed the file, and rebuilt the DIVA inputs.  The file name is simply "Original".  Still I get the error.  Suggestions on how to fix it.

Thank you,


J. Alstan Jakubiec said:

Hi Alejandra,

Could you zip your C:\DIVA\Temp\[RhinoFileName]\ folder after the error occurs and email it to me at

I'll take a look at the error.

Thank you,

Hello there,


I am having the same problem. Tried everything that it has been discussed above. Any luck? Do we know how to fix the issue?




Hi All,

We did figure out the cause of this, and it will be fixed finally in a forthcoming version. The issue comes when the nodes are deleted without using the DIVA 'Nodes' button to do so. To fix, you can follow the steps below,

1. Click the Nodes button.
2. Hit enter to delete the existing nodes.
3. Choose many surfaces (more than you want in the final nodes generation).
4. Hit enter again and finish generating the nodes.
5. Repeat steps 1-4, but choosing fewer surfaces.



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