Dear Sir,

I recently used DIVA version 4.0 to generate a Solar Map for a large airport development and for some reason one of the building block is missing in the Solar Map output.

Could you please kindly explain to me what I have done wrong?

I am using a resolution of 4500 x 2700 pixels and the legend size is also affected.  They appear to be rather small in the image.



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Hello Alex,

Apologies for the late reply. There are several things that could keep the control tower from appearing in the simulation results,

  1. Objects must be on layers that have materials assigned.
  2. Blocks must be exploded.
  3. Objects must be unlocked and their layer / parent layers should be unlocked.
  4. (Objects must be visible).

Are all of these conditions met?

With regards to the scale, yes the default scale is meant for a 'normally' sized image. You'll have to play around with the scale/size parameters in wxFalsecolor and click the 'Update FC' button until you get a visualization you are happy with.



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