Hey guys,

Does anyone know why the GenericTranslucent materials is not an option that can be assigned to BREPS in DIVA for Grasshopper?  The material is an option of the DIVA toolbar but seems to missing from the directory when using Grasshopper.

Any idea how to fix this?

Thanks for the help,

Reinhardt Swart

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Hi Reinhardt,

I think the Grasshopper component doesn't yet support 'transdata' materials. Jeff and I recently discussed adding in more materials to the Grasshopper component, although there is no ETA for this.

Unfortunately I don't think there is a workaround.



I will use a trans material for the time being.

Thanks, Alstan!


Hmm that is no good....

So it there any way to assign a custom light transmittance to let's say existing glazing materials?

I played with material.rad file in C:\DIVA\Daylight directory, but it seems the only parameters I can refer to are: RGBreflectance....

Does anyone have any idea how it can be done?

Much appreciated,


Hello Lukasz,

Perhaps the trans material type can be of use to you. See this discussion.



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