Problem: link to material.rad file is broken.

Environment: windows 10 with R5(64 bit) Diva Rhino plugin 7/14/2017 and Rhino toolbars 12/13/2015


Load the weather file and it does not serve up the typical "overwrite" question.Hmm...

Move to the materials tab that now comes with a sidebar panel with macro options number 6-8. When macro option selected get "can't find file" error message.

Forensics so far:

Checked my master material file location and it is in the Diva/Daylight folder and correctly labeled.

Checked all material defs and they abide by scripting rules. To check further restored Diva default mat.rad file and it delivered same error message.

Added my master material.rad file directly to the project's local resources folder. No go.

Check the environmental pathways with another Diva user and they are correct and in place.

To make sure this was not modeling error, made a fresh simple Rhino box, identified 4 layers, selected weather file and ....same failure

Conclusion: Material file link has been lost. Any suggestion about how to re-establish it?

Tags: file, lost, material.rad

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