Hi! After running thermal energy simulations in Grasshopper the results in the csv-file only contain input values and no performance values. Furthermore, the csv-file adds letters "tbl" in the filename which doesn't seem right compared to instructions and tutorials. Does anyone know why this happens? Thanks in advance!

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I think you need to open a different .csv file-- look for one with an "-out" suffix.

After a simulation is successfully run, a csv file containing the simulation results will be automatically generated, and the file will have the following naming convention:  "[simulation_name]out.csv".  The addition of the "-out" suffix is a newer feature that was not present at the time the tutorials were made. The .csv file with the "-tbl" suffix is the EnergyPlus input report.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for the quick reply. 

No "[simulation_name]out.csv" were created after running my simulations. However, I resolved it by replacing any spacing in the file path directory names with an underline. 

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