A fellow student at school installed DIVA and wants to apply for the Student License but is missing the Unique ID text file. I'm assuming the ID is pulled from a setting on the computer somewhere. Would it be possible to acquire the unique ID without having that text file? If not, is there a way we can generate it again? 

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This may be a shot in the dark, but were you performing the installation with full admin rights on the machine and while it had internet access..? Is this on a Mac/Parallels emulation? We had similar problems and never really figured out the exact reason for this problem- unless Alstan has diagnosed its whereabouts by now.. I'd try a bulk reinstall with the above made certain (sorry, not a very high.tech reply :)

Hi Justin,

Feel free to fill in the license request with 0's, but make sure to use your educational email address.

All the best,


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