Hi Diva community!

My question is:

I would like to modify the useful daylight illuminance thresholds, is this possible with Diva?

for example:

<100 lux

100-500 lux

500-3000 lux

>3000 lux

This would be really useful.

If not: I am modeling advanced shading with venetian blinds.

Is there at least an .ill file containing the illuminance values of the current shading state? (Or do I have to generate it manually)

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Pascal,

Unfortunately there is no way to modify the UDI thresholds using Daysim. There are .ill files created for each shading state however. The 'unshaded' file is located in C:\DIVA\Temp\RhinoFileName\RhinoFileName.ill. The others will be named SGXBSN.ill, where SG is the shading group number and BS is the blind state number. 

If you are using DIVA 2.1, you might need to uncheck the 'cleanup temporary directory' option.



 Thanks for your answer, Alstan!



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