Dear everyone

Could you help me how can I crate custom material for wall and I can use the u value for wall direct
Thanks in advance

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Hi Hossam,

Check the "CUSTOM STATE" portion of our thermal component documentation page.


Hi Alstan

Thanks. I have a question, How can I set variable R-Values for Wall, Floor and Roof. 

To avoid looking up the specific material properties, you can use the material "Insulatation: Set R-Value."


L1 thickness - Ln thickness: Corresponding material thickness inputs for each layer, labeled L1 thickness -Ln thickness (where n is the number of layers you selected). Units are inches. (Note that the input will change to Ln R-Value if the corresponding layer has the material "Insulation: Set R-Value." In this case, units are imperial: °F-ft2-h/Btu (therm).)


I need to put the final R-Value for assembly construction wall (Include: Brick, Insulation, Plaster) I calculate it manual. for example R value = 5  °F-ft2-h/Btu> I can use "Insulation: Set R-Value" and put the value.

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