Hello. We are working on a study and need to keep track of many different nodes (throughout a couple different models). Is there any way to change the name of the nodes to something other than panelgroup01, panelgroup02, etc.? If not, can you provide any insight as to how the order of the nodes are assigned?


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Also, I was reading through the Understanding DIVA Results Files Tutorial and I didn't see any information regarding the additional information in .dat file.  Is there anywhere that explains what the information is shown for each group of nodes (ie: What do all the numbers represent for each set of nodes)?  I attached a screen shot of the information I am referring to.  Thanks for your help.


Hi Lisa,

Right now you can't change the naming of the different nodegroups. They should be assigned in the order you choose the surfaces that generate them though. You are right to suggest that the ability to name them somehow would be convenient.

As for what that information means, its a way for DIVA to keep track of which nodes belong to which groups when the data is loaded. 

An example:

Nodegroup Name                                                         > ##nodegroup1

Z-axis unit vector                                                           > # 0 0 1 
U-axis unit vector                                                           > # 0 1 0 
V-axis unit vector                                                           > # 1 0 0 
U-axis spacing between nodes                                  > # 3 .33333333 
V-axis spacing between nodes                                  > # 3.33333333 
U-divisions - 1 (not used in loading data)                 > # 9 
V-divisions - 1 (not used in loading data)                 > # 9 
number of points - 1 (array bound)                            > # 99



Thanks for the info!



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