Hi! It seems DIVA is installed (prompted for updates) but I cannot get the toolbar. Any tips, please?


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Hello! Try this:

go to local disk C, open the DIVA folder, look for the DIVA file (type: Rhino Toolbars) and drag it to the Rhino Top screen. If it is not clear to you I'll tag a video about the installation. I hope I was helpful.

Bye Bye

Hello, I had tried dragging the DIVA.rhp file before and tried it again, however, I still don't see the toolbar- please tag the video! Thank you


or...look my immage ;D

bye bye

Ignacio Mingo said:

Ciao, avevo provato a trascinare il file DIVA.rhp prima e l'ho provato di nuovo, tuttavia, non vedo ancora la barra degli strumenti- per favore tagga il video! Grazie


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