Hi all,

I'm working on a model in Diva and It so important for me to have specific number of  sensors with specific distance from each other, but when I want to add my nodes it ask for approximate distance between nodes and for example when I entered 1 1/2" the actual distance that I got was 1 1/4" and for getting 1 1/2" I had to type 1.85".

Now I was wondering is there any accurate way to draw the nodes?

Thanks for your help,


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Hi Ahoo,

The nodes will always end up scaling themselves to the base surface dimensions, and its not always incredibly straightforward. Using the DIVA Grasshopper components you can define your sensors in whichever way you desire, but there is more manual setup work to be done.


Once you created the nodes, you can move them whereever you want! Just don't delete them, add new ones manually or otherwise mess with their structure.

Hi Alstan,

Is it possible to add nodes to the existing ones without deleting them? 

Best regards.


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