Optical characteristics of glass and its relation with visual comfort metrics

Hi everybody,

I have couple of questions related to measuring visual comfort metrics when you applied some coating to a glass sample. 

We coated some glass samples and we measured optical characteristics of these glasses and we have absorbance and transmittance spectral of each samples (we already know the u-value and R-value of the base glass without coating layer). We are planning to measure the influence of these coated glasses on users visual comfort metrics such as daylight glare probability (DGP) and useful daylight illuminance (UDI) by using DIVA.

1-How we can convert absorbance and transmittance to a parameters that Radiance can recognize for daylight simulation?

2-Are any formula that convert optical features (such as absorbance and transmittance) to recognizable parameters in DIVA/Radiance? I mean which type of input should we used that software provide us the UDI and DGP.

Thank you so much for your help.



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