Hi, I can see that the Scene Object component has a material input of material ID or description. How is the syntax for this input? Is it the radiance material name in your materials file  c:\diva\material.rad ?

Any chance we can have a component (like in HoneyBee) where you can create your own material. This has multiple advantages:

1) Parametric studies on different, lets say, LT values on a window or trans material on roller blinds.

2) The material info is saved in the grasshopper script, so results are the same even when opened on another computer with another materials.rad file library.

A work around could obviously be creating different materials in the local file and extract them using parametric IDs.

All the best,

Mathias Sønderskov Nielsen


Henning Larsen Architects

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Hi Mathias,

You can put any radiance material (as text) directly into the material input.  See this post.


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