Hi my friends,

I have a problem with Point- in- time- Glare, when the analysis is finished diva displayed this error... 

Source:     WshSell.Run 

Error:        Unable to wait for process

Line:         13

char:         1


I will be grateful if someone could help me.

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Hi Mahdi,

Apologies for the late reply. This happens sometimes when the application closes very quickly -- its kind of annoying, but the results files should still be generated without issue. Please let me know if you don't find the results in the .\Rhinofilename - DIVA\Visualizations\ directory.



Hi Alstan

Thanks’ for your reply. I can find the result, but it's not correct. I simulate some the same project that published in the articles. My results were different from their results. For example I think in this image the value of DGP is false. I change the software settings but the application didn’t show the value of DGP more than 40!

In the libraries all of the files are green except diva, is this true?

Thank you,

Hi Mahdi,

Why do you think the result is false? Can you share the image which you are comparing it to from the literature?


Hi Alstan,

This week we celebrated new year in Iran, so I late reply .I apologies for this issue. In the following article the value of DGP is in the range of intolerable glare, but my diva don’t show DGP more than 40%.


“The influence of shading control strategies on the visual comfort and energy demand of office buildings.”  


Thank you, 

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