"Point-In-Time-Glare" simulation taking forever...(with low quality rendering settings)


As you see in the title I don't have any actual problems with the simulation of a point in time glare rendering, it's just taking forever. I started the simulation last evening with settings for a low quality rendering just to see how the scene would react with all my settings. when I came in this morning its now at 61.50 % (i.e. after 17 hours). That to me is more than the "high" quality rendering option. So there must be something wrong?

I'll try to gather all necessary information here for somebody to help me sort this issue, thank you.

Radiance parameters:

-ps 8 -pt .15 -pj .6 -dj 0 -ds .5 -dt .5 -dc .25 -dr 0 -dp 128 -st .85 -ab 2 -aa .25 -ar 128 -ad 1024 -as 1024 -lr 4 -lw .05

Image size:

800 600

Hid Dynamic Shading:

with a tic

Geometric Density:


Cleanup Temporary Directory:

with a tic

The size of the modell is about 420 Mb and to me not very large.

I have Oslo, Norway as location file, adding materials from the Rhino pre set materail.rad file.  

Perhaps this is more simple than my "developed" brain can comprehand. Is there anybody out there that have any clue of why this is happening?

Thanks in regards


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Hi Ludde,

Apologies for the late reply. That is definitely an unusual simulation time for an -ab 2 rendering. Can you share your Rhino file with me? Via e-mail is fine at alstan@solemma.net.



Sent you an e-mail Alstan :)

thank you!


Hmmm -- I can't reproduce your issue on my end.

Is this only occurring in this file for you? i.e. Do other files work fine?

It is still not a snappy simulation however, which is possibly due to the weird long-edged triangulation of your mesh surfaces, which will make the octree and the ambient calculations less efficient.



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