I am running a point-in-time illuminance metric in a fairly complicated geometry. The simulation was running fine until I was using internal roller blinds (apart from a certain degree of overestimation). But it keeps running into the same error now when I am using external roller blinds. 

Can somebody guide as to what exactly the error might be and how to troubleshoot it?

Thanks a lot. 

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The above error is still cropping up after decreasing the model complexity.

Climate-based, daylight factor and other simulations are running okay. The error is only occurring in point-in-time illuminance simulations.

Hi Dhruvak,

I've been away from the forum for much too long, and I apologize that no one answered your question. Being that so much time has passed, this is likely no longer useful to you; however, I would still like to respond for others in the future.

In this case, you need to input MM DD HH into DIVA, using the American style time convention. Since your month was the 16th month, and that doesn't exist, the simulation failed to generate a sky model (hence the 'Bad Month' error message in your screenshot).


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