Trying to use GH to automate 3 point in time runs for an extra large building with a dynamic exterior venetian blind system at 3 facades.  The model is already complex and there are enough blind rotation angles that makes keeping the geometry all together in Rhino kill my computer, regardless of resultant grid area or GH script complexity.

I have 9 .rad files (3 rotations for 3 orientations) that contain the material and geometry info for the blinds, that I've been picking from to run visualizations using command line Radiance.  Been adding the specific blind .rad files onto a base building .rad file then adding a sky .rad file to make an octree of accurate shade positions for the chosen time of day.  I wonder if in DIVA I can similarly call these files and layer them together instead of assigning them all on top of each other in an apocalyptic beast of a Rhinoceros model.  (No es posible anyway with my computer's current capabilities).

Or, is there a way to plug the Radiance compiled octrees into the annual daylight component?

If that is also not possible, I can run the 3 models separately, no biggie.  Just want to know if there are suggestions for ways to automate in case at some point I'd like to run many many models overnight.

Tried searching for similar discussions but couldn't find any recent ones - let me know if this has already been addressed, and thank you.


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