I have a grasshopper definition that is running a set of different simulations (radiation, illuminance, annual daylight, etc) that are distributed in a grid.  I'm trying to preview the results of all the simulations at once and run into an issue where all the previews disappear once I have 3 or more different types of simulation previews turned on.  After trying to confirm that number, it appears to be instead related to the different Key gradient types.  

For instance, I can preview 9 different illuminance simulation grids at once, and then I can turn on the radiation preview, but everything disappears once I turn on the UDI preview.  However, it doesn't disappear when i turn on the cDA preview.  

In another example, I can turn on UDI Overlit, UDI, and cDA and all preview fine, but everything disappears once I turn on the Radiation preview.

Any ideas?

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Right you are, Scott.  I think this is fixed in the revision I just posted (v4.0.2.17) -- let me know if it works after you run the update.



Thanks for the update Jon.  Where do I find v4.0.2.17?  I only see v4.0.2.14 on the download page and haven't seen a DIVA update in the taskbar.

The auto update should find it when you log in to Windows, but as a short cut you can just double click on C:\DIVA\bin\DIVA-Update-Checker.exe

Yup.  Restarted and there it was.  Thanks again

Jon, Transforming the grids and displaying multiple simulation types is working great.  Would it be possible to add an output parameter to the grid component which would provide the name of the simulation type?  I'm looking to auto populate the names to display under the grid data.  

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