I want to test the performance of prismatic daylight redirecting panel on DIVA. To assign appropriate material, I created new material in C:\DIVA\Daylight\material as follows:

# material name: VoidDielectricMaterial_0
# material type: dielectric
# comment: This is a daylight redirecting glazing.
# author: Fatma Kose
void dielectric prism_0
5 0.65 0.65 0.65 1.4 0

But I am not sure about the material code for prismatic glazing and also modeling of the prismatic panel. Which material code we should use for testing prismatic daylight redirecting panels in DIVA and how we should make their model (only as a surface or 3D object as I did)?

Thank you,

Fatma Büşra KÖSE

Tags: panel, prismatic

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