Dear community members,

I ran into to a small problem during my simulation of a residential building.

I am simulating a building according to SIA 2024:2015 load profiles and occupancy schedules.

Building is well isolated and follows the passive house standards: roof, walls and basement slab UValue 0.1; windows Uvalue 0.8, SHGF 0.5; Infiltration 0.15 and mechanical ventilation with 75% latent recovery.

Heating and cooling setpoints are 21°C and 26°C, shadíng regulated with 200W and >26 T

For some reasons I get almost the same cooling and heating demand along the winter months (Nov-March)

Due to nature of my research and strict passive house rules switching to nat. ventilation is not an option.

Did anyone face similar problems and any ideas how to solve them?

Many thanks in advance!

Aleksandar T.

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