Hi there,

Sometimes when I generate grids, the mesh faces are jagged. I attach a screenshot. Even at the same model some of the grids are fine but some are not. Any ideas why this might happen or anyone else has this problem? Thanks.



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Yeah, the grid trimming can fail from time to time.  Are these grids very small?  My only idea would be to play with the file units...


Hi Jon,

Thank you for the reply. It has happened to big grids as well.

I didn't really understand though. What do you mean by file units?


Units of the Rhino file (meters, millimeters, etc.).  Sometimes these (in combination with the document tolerance) can affect the trim.

Okay! Thank you Jon!

See part (4) of my response to this discussion:


I'll bet tightening the document tolerance a bit (and refreshing the component) would eliminate your hanging chads.


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