Problem with running multiple Daylight Autonomy Simulations at once

Hello everyone,

I am trying to run 3 Daylight Autonomy Simulations with Diva using 3 different Rhino files with a 8 cores computer.
The problem is that when I start my second simulation, the cmd.exe tells me it cannot access the file to calculate the diffuse daylight coefficient (as the first simulation is already using it).

Is it possible to run multiple Daylight Autonomy Simulations at once?

If yes, can someone describe the process I should follow?

Thank you,


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Hello Nicolas,

It is possible, but you need to have Rhino file names that will produce unique temporary directories. DIVA takes the name of the Rhino file up to the first space and uses that as a temporary simulation location name in the C:\DIVA\Temp\ folder. For example "Simulation 1.3dm", "Simulation 2.3dm", and "Simulation 3.3dm" all send files to the same directory: Simulation. If you wanted to run them simultaneously, adding an underscore would do the trick: Simulation_1, Simulation_2, Simulation_3. Once renaming the Rhino files, make sure to re-run the Location command.



Good Morning Alstan,

Thank you for your feedback it works great!



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