Hello Diva experts,


I've a problem when running simulations for LEED v4 with dynamic shadings.

I”ve used "detailed dynamic shading" and the shading devices aren't calculated.


Attached are the outputs of some simulations sDA, DA (calculated with conceptual shades and mechanical sahding devices based on DGP.

It seems  to me that simulation of sDA has too high values, considering that shading device was setting up in two positions (on- open and off- closed). I think that neither  conceptual shading device was considered in this simulation.  If we compare other simulations that I’ve run with conceptual device and manual mechanical shading, it is possible to visualize that none shading device was calculated.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

How can I consider shading devices on LEED V4 (sDA metric)?

Is it possible to consider manual mechanical shading based on DGP to calculate LEED V4 (sDA metric)??

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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