I`m having some problems with my model.

Viper display this as message output:

IDF file written: C:\DIVA\Thermal\Grasshopper\Projects\Viper_Temp\Viper_Temp.idf
E+ batch file written: C:\DIVA\EnergyPlusV7-2-0\DIVA_for_Grasshopper.bat
Weather file: BRA_Florianopolis.838990_SWERA
Attempting to run batch file...
Batch file launched successfully.
** Severe ** CheckConvexity: Surface="ZONE1_FACE_1" is non-planar.
** Severe ** CheckConvexity: Surface="ZONE1_FACE_2" is non-planar.
** Severe ** CheckConvexity: Surface="ZONE1_FACE_3" is non-planar.
** Severe ** CheckConvexity: Surface="ZONE1_FACE_4" is non-planar.
** Severe ** CheckConvexity: Surface="ZONE1_FACE_1_WINDOW_1" is non-planar.
** Warning ** GetSurfaceData: Very small surface area[6.31850E-006], Surface=ZONE1_FACE_1
** Warning ** GetSurfaceData: Very small surface area[8.68150E-006], Surface=ZONE1_FACE_1_WINDOW_1
** Warning ** GetSurfaceData: Very small surface area[1.50000E-005], Surface=ZONE1_FACE_2
** Warning ** GetSurfaceData: Very small surface area[1.50000E-005], Surface=ZONE1_FACE_3
** Warning ** GetSurfaceData: Very small surface area[1.50000E-005], Surface=ZONE1_FACE_4
** Warning ** GetSurfaceData: Very small surface area[1.00000E-004], Surface=ZONE1_FACE_6
** Warning ** GetSurfaceData: Very small surface area[1.00000E-004], Surface=ZONE1_FACE_5
** Warning ** GetSurfaceData: There are 11 coincident/collinear vertices; These have been deleted unless the deletion would bring the number of surface sides < 3.
** Severe ** GetSurfaceData: There are 6 degenerate surfaces; Degenerate surfaces are those with number of sides < 3.
** Warning ** ComputeIntSWAbsorbFactors: Sum of area times inside solar absorption for all surfaces is zero in Zone: ZONE1
** Warning ** Zone areas*inside surface emissivities are summing to zero, for Zone="ZONE1"
** Warning ** Base surface does not surround subsurface (CHKSBS), Overlap Status=No-Overlap
************* EnergyPlus Completed Successfully-- 21 Warning; 11 Severe Errors; Elapsed Time=00hr 00min 22.68sec
Post-process: Calculating heating energy consumption, assuming efficiency of 0.8
Post-process: Calculating cooling energy consumption, assuming efficiency of 3

I don`t really know how can my faces be non-planar. I`ve just extruded a flat xy plan in z axis.

What does the verry small surface area mean?

My heating and cooling are displaying very low values also..

Am I doing something wrong?

Does anyone can help me?

Thank`s in advance,


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Your rhino document is probably in millimeters.  You can change it to meters, or you can change your GH input values to match the file units.  (e.g. you want a 3000mm tall zone, not a 3mm tall zone.)


Thanks Jon,

I was quite confused about it. Should I have changed the units in rhino even if my model is fully generated by grasshopper?? 

Do Viper component understand the unit I`m working with in Rhino? Should I convert my units to imperial format?

By the way,

I`ve started from scratch and now everthing seems to be working fine even without changing the units.


Yes, Viper understands the size of the model to be in whatever units the Rhino document is. You can use m, mm, feet, angstroms, parsecs, ...whatever you want.

you can sometimes find small unnoticed polygons if you explode the geometry and type selsmall, this helped me finding an element which caused it not to run.

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