Hi everybody,

I have a problem with the daylight autonomy values.

I followed the steps inside the fourth tutorial of the Rhino-Grasshopper tutorials in the Solemma website called "Daylight Autonomy Simulations", unfortunately shows different results, the values are too high and don't know why.

I run a DIVA version (64 bit) and a Rhino 5 SR5 (5.5.30717.16015, 07/17/2013)

The following pictures shows my result:

But the tutorial shows this:

I really appreciate your help!!!


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That's weird.  Running your file, I actually get a lower sDA than in the video, though the ASE is the same (37.2).  Can you post your DLT file as well?  (In the results folder)


(It's a ~30 MB file, so you probably need to create a link)

Hi Jon,

Many thanks for your help, my DLT file is heavy (36mb) so I couldn't post it here (the limit is 5mb, right?)

You can find it in the following link: http://www.megafileupload.com/tkzK/NoShade.dlt

Thanks a lot,


This may seem like an odd question, but do you get the same result when you set the number of processors (hidden input) to 1?

I changed the number of processors to 1 and now gives different results (lower SDA than tutorial : 86% but same ASE: 37.2%). Is it the same results that you got?

Yup.  It's possible there was a subtle difference in the demo file when Jeff shot the tutorial -- but at present those are the results I get (86 / 37.2).

As for the processor-count dependence, I'm betting it's the same issue as Luciano's.  It should be fixed as of the next public revision -- but in the meantime I'd recommend sticking to NP=1, or changing your system's decimal char to a period.



Ok got it, thanks a lot Jon,



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