Dear all,

Currently I am trying to understand the influence of the Radiance parameters in Diva4.

I have used the different quality options (lowest, low, medium and high) and self defined Radiance parameters to see the difference in the result for the daylight factor and computation time (by using a very simple model).

Hereby I am wondering, when I am only defining a certain Radiance parameter, e.g. only defining the ambient values, the  results are the same as the quality option for medium and high.

Does anyone know what the default values are for all the parameters that are not specifically defined?

Thereby, does anyone have some easy references/articles to learn more about the radiance parameters? I found some descriptions for rtrace from Radiance, but it was still hard to follow.

Thank you in advance, any suggestions will be much appreciated!

Best regards,


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Hi Cindy,

If you have questions about any specific option, the rtrace reference is very helpful.  If you're not sure where to begin, maybe start with -ab (number of ambient bounces), -ad (number of ambient divisions), and -as/-ar (which control the resolution of the irradiance cache, as discussed here).  When no argument is provided, rtrace uses the defaults below:

-n 1 # number of rendering processes
-x 0 # flush interval
-y 0 # y resolution
-ld- # limit distance off
-h+ # output header
-faa # format input/output = ascii/ascii
-ov # output value
-w+ # warning messages on
-i- # irradiance calculation off
-u+ # uncorrelated Monte Carlo sampling
-bv+ # back face visibility on
-dt 0.030000 # direct threshold
-dc 0.750000 # direct certainty
-dj 0.000000 # direct jitter
-ds 0.200000 # direct sampling
-dr 2 # direct relays
-dp 512 # direct pretest density
-dv+ # direct visibility on
-ss 1.000000 # specular sampling
-st 0.150000 # specular threshold
-av 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 # ambient value
-aw 0 # ambient value weight
-ab 0 # ambient bounces
-aa 0.100000 # ambient accuracy
-ar 256 # ambient resolution
-ad 1024 # ambient divisions
-as 512 # ambient super-samples
-me 0.00e+000 0.00e+000 0.00e+000 # mist extinction coefficient
-ma 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 # mist scattering albedo
-mg 0.000000 # mist scattering eccentricity
-ms 0.000000 # mist sampling distance
-lr -10 # limit reflection (Russian roulette)
-lw 2.00e-003 # limit weight
-am 0.0 # max photon search radius



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