First a comment regarding the problem where DIVA doesn't make the radiation map render for the current perspective view, but rather jumps to some other view. We checked the namedViews, but it was empty. We then saved one or two named views, and noticed another named view "Perspective" popped up in the previously empty list.

After deleting all named views, the radiation map calculation correctly produced a render for the current perspective view. Maybe this helps other people with this problem.

This raised another question however. How does it work when using the option "use Rhino views"? For example, I saved two views in the namedView list, and ran the radiation map for "use Rhino views". As I understand it, DIVA runs both views after each other, and saves for each a tiff and pic file under Visualisations. Wxfalsecolor then opens with the render of the first view, ready for post-processing. How do I open the second view in wxfalsecolor? Through "open HDR", I can open the pic-file, though this doesn't display the radiation map correctly.



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