Hello, I'm trying to render an illuminance image with a color fill to get an output in cd/m2 on this single surface: 

When I run the illuminance contours, it generates this image: 

Then, when press "update fc", it turns out like this in cd/m2: 

When I click around, it shows values in Lux for different points on the image: 

As you can see here, it generates the illuminance contours correctly in lux: 

Any tips on how to get a render illuminance color infill output in cd/m2? The view is set to a saved perspective, I have a material selected, I have a location selected, and I'm using a DIVA for rhino 4.0 educational license on a windows laptop. I'm not sure if my settings are wrong or if the geometry is what's causing this to happen. 

Thank you, 


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Hi Alyssa,

This is a very late reply, and hopefully you figured out the answer, but there are two things you need to do in this case:

  1. Set the 'scale' value in wxfalsecolor high enough. Probably 80,000 (lx) is reasonably in your case. Basically, everything is more illuminated than the 1000 lx value your scale is defined for.
  2. Manually change the legend value to lux. wxfalsecolor is a little simple, and doesn't always automatically know the units of the image being loaded in.



Thank you Alstan! 

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