After using DIVA within Rhino for some time, I switched over to Grasshopper for teaching/research work.

One problem I haven't been able to crack is finding a way to bring sDA dimming schedules from the DIVA4 GH components into an Archsim model, as an input to the Loads component. It seems like this should be possible via the Deconstruct Zone component (DeZone), however I can't get this component to populate with any outputs. Where would this component get its daylight zone information? 

My Annual Daylight component isn't generating any zone outputs. It asks for 'user defined zones' but I'm not sure whether these should be defined automatically, or if I am missing a step. My daylight model is coming from simple objects in Rhino, not a scene (see attached).

Also, if I set lighting controls to dim in the settings of my Archsim zone, it isn't doing anything; when I read hourly output its following the on/off schedule.

I can see the dimming 'heatmap'.pngs in the output folder and open them up, so I know these results are available somewhere after the Annual Daylight component runs.

Any hints, tricks, or tips would be appreciated!

PS: It would be GREAT to have setback controls added to the zone component settings for Archsim. 

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Hi Michael,

I think what you need for the coupling is covered in this tutorial:

Setbacks are high up on the wishlist and should come into Archsim soon.

Thanks for the feedback!


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