Good morning everybody, 

I am working with a daylighting simulation and experiencing some frustrating issues with the software, mainly due to the length of computing time when I set up the daylighting component and eventually software crashing. I am hoping somebody could provide some feedback on what might be happening.


I am working with a 14-level building and running a LEED daylighting analysis. Its shape is very regular and the only objects that add some complication to it are some internal beams and punched windows. I broke down the geometry into the components you see on the screenshot but when I get to assign them to the respective objects in GH the canvas freezes for at least 20-30 minutes before I can connect the following one. Also, even after waiting that much time between every components when I get to assign the very last one (in any order I decide to follow) GH crashes. Similarly, if I try assigning all the objects keeping the solver locked then when I unlock it GH freezes for several hours, then crushes and the message in the picture pops up.

I am working with Rhino6 and the daylight component is using DIVA version (64-bit)


I would really appreciate any thought you might want to share on what is causing such poor performance.


Thank you,


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