HI , I have two problems in my dive, the first one ,when i use the example file "D4RClassroom" or any model in diva and try to run any simulation ,  i get the following Rhinoscript error: Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error Error:

Subscript out of range: 'number:46' Line: 217  Char: 29

and i set the location and save the files and i didn't save at server or network files 

Is there something wrong ?!

I'm runing rhino 5 64 bit on windows 7

the second , the diva 4  Not appear in the grasshopper layout but appear only in the rhino ,

and diva 3 appear in both, thx   

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I also have problems with VBScript rutine errror. ubscript out of range: 'number:46' Line: 217  Char: 29. I am running rhino 5 64bit on windows 10 and i am starting to use Diva

Thanks Alstan!


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