I'm getting the following error when assigning nodes to a surface for lighting analysis. Has anybody seen this/know what causes it? I'm selecting my surface, specifying the offset and after I specify the grid dimensions the error pops up.



Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error

Error: Subscript out of range: '[number:1]'

Line: 168

Char: 2




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your installation worked fine before, didn't it..? have you made any changes?

generally you need to have installed rhino as the same user with full admin rights who will then use it, go through the climate file, material assignment sequentially; the climate file has to be in the weather data folder- you might get an error if it is elsewhere. have you saved the rhino file before starting to use diva, too?


Hi Mark,


This error is caused by your grid dimensions being too large for the surface. Basically, DIVA assumes that the smallest 'grid' is 2x2 on a surface, so make sure that the spacing dimension you are putting in is small enough relative to the length and width of the surface you have chosen.


If that doesn't help, please let me know! 


All the best,


Max, Alstan, thanks for your input.


The problem is indeed with the grid spacing - the model we were working on had a scaling issue - was out by a factor of 1000, so all the grids seemed far too large.




Hi I am doing continues daylight autonomy. for my first two runs everything was fine and  I got the results, by after the second run for all other runs I am getting error. can you please help.

Hi Farid,

Could you start a new thread with some screen-captures and more information on the error you are receiving. This thread is over two years old.




I also had issues when I was assigning nodes, but in my case the error message was this:

Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error

Error: Estouro 'Clnt' 

Line: 314

Char: 1


Does anyone know what can cause this error?

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