Hey! I just started learning DIVA. Rhino keeps showing me this error when I click on Materials button. Any ideas what is happening? I tried different epw files, from Boston to Copenhagen, still shows the same thing. Thank you for your help!

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Hello Yuliya,

Welcome to the forum. Two suggestions:

  1. First save your Rhino file on a local hard disk. For example on your desktop with the name 'test.3dm'
  2. Re-run the Project Info command, and make sure to select a weather file from the C:\DIVA\Weather Data\ folder.

Does that help?



Thank you Alstan for your reply. Unfortunately it did not work, and not matter what I press it gives me errors. 

Also this version of Diva is 1.9, and I tried to install 3.0 and it shows me info below. My windows is x64 bit, do you know might this might happen?

I got information from Davidson, so Alstan - no worries! I got it installed now. But I'm sure I will have questions in the future!

Thank you for all your help!


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