Hello , 

Anyone can help to to explain why did this error occurred during my simulation? And how to solve it ? 

Attached you can find the windows that appeared in my screen after simulation 

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Hi Brixhita,

Can you copy and paste the output of the DOS prompt windows that will show up after you click 'OK?'

Thank you,


YEs, here you find it , DIVA 2 image is after pressing 'ok'


Hi Brixhita,

Thank you. You will need to wait until an error occurs before taking the screen captures. At the point you are showing us, the simulations appear to be proceeding as normal.

Could you also share your Rhino file?



Hi Brixhita,

Apologies for the late reply. The date/time input format in DIVA is MM DD HH which is not what you are using. Your input is 11 09 30. Changing this to 11 09 12 (November 9th at noon), I get a proper result.



Hi Alstan , 

Thank you for the reply. I am running again the simulation according to your instruction. My mistake. 

Till the next uncertainty i send you my best wishes, 


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