I am trying to do a sDA and ASE LEED simulation on the central area of my building but I get some strange results. My building has perimetrically glazing and 2 skylights on the roof. When I run a simulation I take as results 86% of sDA and 6% ASE. Then I try to remove the skylights but the results are higher, 98% of sDA and 0.4% ASE so I consider the result is not normal. Any idea how to resolve it?

I attach also the pictures of the simulations below.


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Hi Athanasia,

Unfortunately, your model may hit the limitations of the DIVA-Toolbar's LM-83 implementation. It cannot selectively close windows, so whenever 2% of the floor area is covered with direct sunlight, shades will be lowered on ALL windows. This works well for single-sided fenestration, but works less well when a single space has a variety of daylight apertures at differing orientations.

That said, the LM-83 implementation in DIVA-Grasshopper should be able to overcome this since it traces the contribution of each window.



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