Hi, it seems that when we have a bug with more than 25 control points in LEEDv4 with the LM83 groups.

I think that I've seen it somewhere else on this forum, but not quite sure and cannot find it.

Anyway, is there a fix or should we try and simplify our simulation to 25 control groups?

Best, Mathias

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Hi Mathias,

Thank you for posting this. Its definitely a bug to be fixed right now, but I have not been able to figure out its cause yet. On some computers, the number of node groups can be displayed infinitely, but on some the display has a glitch like this after a certain point. It seems to have something to do with the display of the node color information.

For now you can replace the file, c:\DIVA\Scripts\sDA_Controls.html with the one attached the this message, and you will get a more bare-bones interface version for the sDA controls.




Thank you, it works fine, but without colors.

Oh, just a thought - I see that you are changing color of each group to give people an overview. Is there any chance to fill these dots with crosses or something more visible (like point-preview in GH). When mapping complex buildings, I tend to forget which nodes I am missing (as some groups are black-ish and the non-grouped is black also).

(Or add a posibility to automaticly group base on analysis planes! )

Hi Mathias,

You can make your points a little more readable with the following Rhino settings,

This will make them display as solid colors -- apologies if you already are doing this. Maybe we can also change the color coding to be a bit brighter.

> (Or add a posibility to automaticly group base on analysis planes! )

This is definitely a feature on our minds.



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