Hello, everyone.

I'm a beginner to Diva and daylight simulations, so I'm hoping you guys could help me. I'm trying to simulate sDA in a simple rectangular room with one window. The results say that sDA is 0% of 50% of time occupied, however that's not what the colored map shows (attached screenshot).

Am I doing something wrong? This is what I've been doing:

After having selected the location file and assigned materials and nodes, I run the metrics "Spatial Daylight Autonomy (sDA) and Annual Solar Exposure (ASE)", using 7 bounces. Then Diva asks if I want to define sDA_300lx control groups, I choose "yes" and then click on "auto-generate control groups", so all of my nodes are selected.  When simulation ends, I ask it to show results on "Daylight Autonomy/sDA".

I have no idea of what could be wrong. Could anyone help me please?
Thanks in advance!

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Hello Elaine,

I've been away from the forum for much too long, and I apologize that no one answered your question.

I followed your instructions, and it turns out that this is a bug in DIVA. When you load in the sDA results (right-click on the Metrics button), you can set the upper scale threshold to 50%, and then you will get the right percentages displayed in the viewport. Also if you use the LEED v4 combined sDA / ASE loading, you should get the correct results.



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