Hi All,

I am trying to measure the illuminace levels just behind the glass (vertical plane) on a south facing façade. The surface normal for the glazing is oriented inward. I used DIVA for grasshopper to create nodes and offset the nodes by 2” inches behind the glass (i.e. set Y –Vector to +0.17 to move the nodes).  I am confused about two things

1) The sensor vector, in the panel output reports the vector to be (0, 1, 0), does this mean the sensor is looking in the Y direction? My intention is for the sensor to look towards the glass? , if the vector is incorrect, how do I transform it to the right direction?

2) Should I connect the “Analysis Vector” output node to the Vector node under DIVA daylight analysis?

Please see attached rhino file and GH file.

Appreciate your help and input.



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Hi Adi,

In answer to your questions:

1) Yes. You want the sensors to have a (0,-1,0) vector (i.e. looking South).

2) Yes, but pass them through a "Neg" component first, which will flip their direction from (0,1,0) to (0,-1,0).



It worked.Thank you for saving my day. 

Appreciate your timely response.



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