I am trying to implement shading control with external vertical sensors in a model with one south-facing ("roomS") and one north-facing room ("roomN").

"AutomatedThermalControl" with an external sensor node for each room should be right for the task, but results in surprising shading schedules. In "roomS", shading is deployed during periods when the temporal map for the sensor does not show illuminances above the setpoint illuminance. In "roomN", an on/off pattern occurs during the day somewhat similar to the shading activity in "roomS".

Using "AutomatedGlareControl", the 'extra' shading disappears, but that seems primarily linked to setting a azimuthal range for the sensors.

It appears that the sensor of one shading group controls the other shading group as well. Another possibility is that sensors 'see' more than a hemisphere. Is this normal behaviour and I am missing something?



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