Hello, I am sharing here a model I have been using successfully in both DIVA 4 for Rhino and DIVA for Grasshopper. It's based on the work by Christoph Reinhart and Nathaniel Jones, as related in Reinhart's Daylighting Handbook II. I didn't have success with it exactly as presented there. Since I was able to get something to work I thought others here might like to use it. It looks like the checkered monitor screen often seen in glare images containing VDTs. The bright squares are a glow material emitting 200 cd/m² and the dim squares are 2 cd/m², which corresponds to what I've measured in practice. The monitor size is based on my own Acer screen, they have the ~16:9 aspect ratio most common in my experience. 

Anyway, just thought you all might be able to use it. Below is an example of an image I made. Attached is a 3dm file and a text file with materials to paste into the material.rad file in C:\DIVA\Daylight. Best wishes. 


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