Hello again, Im Camila, from Chile. I have been trying to simulate a model, like i usualy do. But there is a message that tells me the program will re-run the simulation, but it doesn´t. Can you please help me with this?
Thank you very much.
Great regards.

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Hello, i wrote you yesterday about some error that does not allow me to simulate.
I`ve been trying to fix it, changing the weather data, checking materials, and nodes, but there is allways some "error".

I would really apreciate some help.

Thank you.

Hi Camila,

try and use your excact setup, but with another geometry (a very simplified one, say, a box with one window only) - it's often two surfaces that intersect or similar geometrical issues.

Also, it would be helpful if you posted your type of simulation, settings, # of nodes etc.

Hi Camila,

After you press OK on the dialog shown, it should show you the simulation window causing the error. Could you also post a screencapture or the full text of that window?

Thanks so much,


Thanks for your answers, it already worked, i changed the geometry, i seems like it was some mistake with that.

Kind Regards.


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