I have been running simulations without any problem, but now I get this error and I cannot figure out what is wrong

Error: Bad file name or number

Line: 1958

Char: 2

The .ill file and the radmap file are no longer created

Any advice?

Thank you in advance


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Hi Stergiani,

Are there any special, non-ASCII, characters in your Rhino file name that might cause this? And if so, if you re-save your Rhino file using simple characters and re-run the location command, does the problem persist?


Hi Alstan,

I tried that but it seems that the problem is still there.

However, I noticed that when I have a rather coarse mesh, the simulation runs properly.

But when I increase the nodes, then I get the error


Hei Alstan, 

Another error occured also. I run daylight simulation for different altitudes. I use the same .epw file and I just change the longitude and latitude. Sometimes the simulation doesnt work and I get the this error:

Error: Path not found


The folder is created, but it doesnt generate results.

Any ideas?



Hi Stergiani,

Can you share your EPW files and the Rhino file? It seems that there might be different issues with the model (bad file name or number) and the way you are manipulating the files.

One thing that comes to mind with the editing of the EPW file is that as you change the long/lat values, the measured data might become impossible to achieve and cause the simulation to crash. For example, you may get 1200 W/m2 on the equator on a clear day around noon, but this is unachievable 70 degrees off of equator. Yet your modified EPW file might say it is possible.


Hei Alstan,

Thank you for your reply. I was actually thinking the same for the .epw files, cause it makes sense. Yet my colleague says that it has worked for him, so I am kind of in the blind.

I attach the rhino file and two .epw files - one that works and one that doesn't.

Thank you for your help.



When you change your longitude, you should also change the time zone in the EPW file to match. This should alleviate your problem.

For example in your notworking.epw example: LOCATION,AAS_NORWAY,-,NOR,Original xyz da,160590,25.00,63.00,4.0,95.0


Thank you! 

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